Festivalet founder, Alicia created Duduá, a craft shop and independent art gallery. Her goal was to introduce different craft techniques to her generation. Festivalet is an independent fair showcasing a curated selection of unique hand-made products that takes place every December in Barcelona. In 2009 Elisa Riera and Alicia decided to create this fair to show and support independent designers from Barcelona.

“You are what you make.” OFFF founder and creative leader Héctor Ayuso makes things. Fun things. Beautiful things. Things that make your heartrace, and your mind whir. He helps others make things. Engineers, programmers, artists, photographers, craftsmen and women… Anyone with potential. He is a serial collaborator, a creative whose greatest desire is to see projects realised. ‘I don’t make people more creative. I don’t teach them skills. I just unlock whatever they have inside.’