Neil Harbisson identifies himself as a cyborg, he feels both his mind and body are united to cybernetics. He doesn’t feel he is using or wearing technology, instead he feels he is technology. His artworks investigate the relationship between colour and sound, experiment the boundaries of human perception and explore the use of artistic expression via sensory extensions.

Brian Buirge & Jason Bacher

Good Fucking Design Advice

Brian and Jason have traveled the world running their foul mouths and preaching what they practice. They love to share their story, sense of humor, knowledge of business, and passion for design. Through profanity and personality they provide a kick in the pants to push people to define direction and purpose in their life and work.

From their example they endeavor to inspire others to take big risks, aim higher, and push further.

Festivalet founder, Alicia created Duduá, a craft shop and independent art gallery. Her goal was to introduce different craft techniques to her generation. Festivalet is an independent fair showcasing a curated selection of unique hand-made products that takes place every December in Barcelona. In 2009 Elisa Riera and Alicia decided to create this fair to show and support independent designers from Barcelona.

Isabel Martínez


Isabel Martínez is the name behind Isabelita Virtual, an award winning advertising Creative Director from Barcelona living between NYC & Barcelona. After 10 years working as a copywriter for mass-market brands such as BMW, Ikea, Always, Vodafone, Volkswagen or Coca-Cola, she started an Instagram account – @IsabelitaVirtual in 2011. A conceptual vision of fashion and her digital approach are her hallmarks. Since then, she has collaborated as a Creative Director, influencer and photographer.

Wences Sanz


Wences Sanz is a recognized professional in the world of design and advertising in Spain. In 2014, he founded Play Restart events specialised in design debates, conversations and networking. He has been founder of two important references in the world of design, such as Domestika and MadinSpain, one of the most important European design and creativity. Wences has been involved in selecting young talents presented in Reset C del Día C, organised by el Club de Creativos.